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Our two 5th Classes and 6th Classes were visited by a volunteer from Waterford One World Centre, along with some students from transition year in De La Salle College, Abbey Community College, Ursuline Secondary School, and the Presentation Secondary School, on Tuesday, January 23rd. They came to talk to the classes about Climate Change and SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals. The classes took part in a talk about different SDGs, and then talked about plastic. Plastic is one of the major problems in the world's oceans.

The boys learned some interesting facts about plastic and how it is negatively impacting the oceans - for example, processed plastic gives off an odour that makes fish think that it is food; turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them, causing severe problems with their digestive systems; and that only
9% of plastic bottles in Ireland are recycled - because the plastic label, cap AND the ring around the cap ALL have to be removed. All the boys in the two 5th and two 6th Classes enjoyed the talk and learned lots about SDGs, climate change and how we can all play a part in helping our oceans and our planet. Check out some photos from the talks in the different classes:

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